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The Mayhem Difference

MAYHEM is about MORE than just field hockey. It’s about building confidence in young women that will change their lives, and it’s about coaches who are not only experts in their craft but who serve as role models.

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Our Coaches

For us, it is all about coaches who are not only experts in their craft but who serve as role models young athletes can relate to personally and athletically.


  • My daughter absolutely loves the Mayhem program, the coaches and the players. We love everything about Mayhem and the personal aspect that everyone brings to the experience. Mayhem develops players both on a technical/tactical platform, but also shows a concern and care for the players and training/playing the game the "right" way.  Winning is fun and we all know that!  But, becoming a better player and person is truly what the game is about.  And, that is what Mayhem has demonstrated.  I am confident that my daughter's field hockey journey Read Testimonial

    Father of U16 Athlete We love everything about Mayhem

  • The Mayhem field hockey environment is a nurturing, positive, uplifting experience. My daughter has a love of the sport that exceeds other interests and whether she decides to play on the collegiate level or just play through high school, Alex and the coaches have paved the way for success at any level! Through playing with mayhem, my daughter has advanced her skills, she has developed lasting friendships, and she has gained confidence both on and off the field! Thank you MAYHEM!

    Mother of 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Gained Confidence On and Off the Field

  • We love the feeling at the MAC it truly is a community. A great place to train and play and most of all build relationships on and off the field.

    Parent of 8th grader Community Feeling!

  • We had the pleasure of meeting Alex in the Summer of 2015. My wife and I had been at another club for 3 years. We sat with Alex in her backyard that summer to talk about her new club Mainline Mayhem. We were very impressed, but the most important part is the connection with the athlete. We set my daughter up for a one-on-one lesson with Alex. She left the lesson, and said Mom/Dad I want her as my coach. Alex has a hands on approach with the girls, and Read Testimonial

    Father of 7th Grade Mayhem Athlete We Love the Family Environment Mayhem Fosters

  • Excellent club. Awesome coaches, Amazing new facility.  Love that personal touch!

    Parent of 9th Grader AMAZING NEW FACILITY

  • We are very happy that our daughter has chosen Mayhem as her field hockey club.  As a former Girls on the Run coach and Girl Scout Troop leader I was excited to find a field hockey club that believes in developing strong, kind, self assured young women.  The Mayhem teams are competitive with other clubs, but maintain an attitude of good sportsmanship that is often lost at the club level.    Mayhem players win games while maintaining a respect for themselves and the other team's players and coaches.  We are Read Testimonial

    Mother of 7th Grade Mayhem Athlete Mayhem Develops Strong, Kind, Self-Assured Young Women

  • My daughter has loved her experience with Mayhem this past year.  The coaching staff is outstanding and works with each girl's strengths and weaknesses.  It is a positive learning experience with a ton of sweat and fun. The girls on the teams work well together and are always there to lift one another up....both on the field and off.  I am looking forward to watching my daughter grow with Mayhem.

    Mother of 7th Grade Mayhem Athlete The Coaching Staff is Outstanding

  • Mainline is a great organization. My coaches push me to do my very best. They believe in me and teach me so many things to help me become a better player.

    9th Grade Mayhem Athlete They Believe in Me

  • I love Mayhem so much! I look forward to every practice and tournaments! It is such a wonderful environment. Every time you learn some new skill! Love the team!

    10th Grade Mayhem Athlete I love Mayhem so much!

  • I began playing for Mainline Mayhem over a year ago, taking clinics and later taking private lessons with Alex. My goal was to make my high school field hockey team as a freshman, and with the help and training of head coach Alex McMahan, I achieved this goal. Alex has become my favorite coach as well as an incredible role model for me to look up to. This past fall I participated in Mayhem's indoor field hockey league. I practiced hard with the coaching staff and participated in multiple tournaments Read Testimonial

    9th Grade Mayhem Athlete Mayhem is one of the best, most encouraging teams I have ever played for!

  • Alex McMahan is by far the best coach my daughter has had the pleasure to work with these past few years.  Alex and the coaches at Mayhem not only work to teach the girls skills needed on the field but they build confidence by positive reinforcement and genuine interest in the development of each and every player from an athletic and emotional standpoint.  By having such a positive influence in my daughters life, she has been able to succeed not only with Field Hockey but with other sports.  I am Read Testimonial

    The Mother of a 10th Grade Mayhem Athlete By Far the Best Coach

  • Mayhem is the perfect balance of practice, training, competition and fun. Mayhem's energetic and skilled coaching staff encourage teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship in their players. Alexandra McMahan is building a quality field hockey program with integrity and is in the pursuit of hockey excellence. My daughter is proud to be part of the Mayhem family.

    Mother of 8th Grade Mayhem Player The Perfect Balance

  • We are so happy to be a part of the MLFHC!! Alex is fabulous and our daughter has grown immensely both on and off the field since joining the Mayhem!

    Mother of 10th Grade Mayhem Athlete We are so happy!

  • My daughter began playing with Mayhem Field Hockey in February 2015; after spending 3 seasons with another local club. Our experiences with Mayhem have been nothing but outstanding. Coach Alex has put together an amazing staff. From private lessons to small group training to team practices the focus is always on developing the total player. I have watched my daughter grow in an environment that promotes player development rather than win at any cost. She has learned how to be a confident field hockey player, team member and leader. My Read Testimonial

    Father of 11th Grade Mayhem Athlete An Amazing Staff

  • Joining Mayhem was one of the best moves we've ever made. Alex and the staff provide personalized one-on-one instruction in a positive, yet competitive environment. I wish Alex stated the club 5 years ago!

    Father of 10th Grade Athlete Best Move We’ve Ever Made

  • My daughter started Mayhem last spring and has had an ongoing positive experience with the coaching, tournaments and ability to make so many new friends from all different schools. She just loves going to practice and games! I can't say that for my other kids and their activities. Go Mayhem!

    Mother of 8th grade Mayhem Athlete Ongoing Positive Experience

  • My daughter started with Mayhem in the spring of 2015. Mayhem has improved her game and has increased her love of field hockey. She loves her coaches, her teammates, and has made friendships that will last a lifetime. Alex is amazing. She teaches the girls to have fun, work hard, and most important be confident in themselves. I am looking forward to watching Mayhem grow and watching these incredible girls become the best that they can be.

    Mother of 8th grade Mayhem Athlete Friendships That Will Last a Lifetime

  • My daughter started with Mayhem in the spring of 2015.  Mayhem has improved her game and has increased her love of field hockey.  She loves her coaches, her team mates, and has made friendships that will last a life time.  Alex is amazing.  She teaches the girls to have fun, work hard, and most important be confident in themselves.  I am looking forward to watching Mayhem grow and watching these incredible girls become the best that they can be.

    Mother of 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Alex Teaches the Girls to Be Confident in Themselves

  • Mayhem's coaching staff gives our daughters support with excellent guidance and amazing training all combined with the positive role models you want your daughter to have in their world. I can't think of a better way to support your daughters love of the sport than finding an organization that embodies these values. We are thrilled to have found Mayhem!

    Mother of 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Positive Role Models You Want Your Daughter To Have

  • We love Mainline Mayhem!  I cannot express how incredible Alex is as a coach, mentor, club owner and person.  We started with MLFHC in the fall and also played through the winter. We just finished our indoor season with a 2nd place win at the NIT!!!  My daughter has learned so much since starting at Mayhem. She has developed tremendously as a player and has forged lifelong friendships with her team members. This was only her 2nd year playing field hockey and Alex and her awesome coaching staff have taught Read Testimonial

    Mother of 7th Grade Mayhem Athlete The Coaches are Very Nurturing and Use Positive Reinforcement with the Girls

  • Mayhem completely changed my attitude toward hockey! The environment makes me really want to go to practice each week, with supportive and positive yet tough and effective coaching. I thoroughly enjoy playing with this club, and having been in many other ones, I know I am going to stay at Mayhem for the years of hockey I have left!

    10th Grade Mayhem Athlete Supportive and Positive, yet Tough and Effective Coaching

  • Mayhem has been an incredible experience not only because of the coaching but with the environment each team creates. The coaches don't yell at you for mistakes, they use mistakes as an opportunity to teach to new skills. Also I benefited from being coached by such experienced players.

    10th Grade Mayhem Athlete The Coaches Don’t Yell at You for Mistakes

  • Mayhem is unlike any other field hockey club. The environment is amazing from the D1 coaching skills to the life long friendships, I can defeneilty call mayhem my home

    10th Grade Mayhem Athlete D1 Coaching Skills to Life Long Friendships

  • I have been playing field hockey for a long time, and I have never found a club as great as Mayhem. The coaches are great, and I have learned so much already. This is my first season playing for Mayhem and my field hockey skills have already improved so much. I'm an offender and Mayhem has helped me so much with learning how to take shots and score more goals. Mayhem is something I look forward to doing every weekend. I know I'll be doing Mayhem for a long time.

    8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Mayhem is Something I Look Forward to Every Weekend

  • Our daughter's first involvement with MLFHC was attending a few clinics last spring/summer.  She then started taking individual lessons with Coach Alex this winter.  Her level of play and confidence have increased drastically.  The coaching style and constant positive atmosphere worked amazingly well and now my daughter will be moving to the spring clinics and one of the Mayhem teams.  We're very fortunate to have found MLFHC as it fits the higher level of play and positive coaching that our daughter thrives on. Keep up the great work!

    Father of 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Confidence Has Increased Drastically

  • Mayhem is an elite field hockey program which focuses on the whole athlete.  Their philosophy cultivates girls with not only developing and improving game skills but it fosters playing at a higher level through positive attitude, dedication, and integrity. Alex and the coaches are true mentors... they have a mutual respect for the girls and a relatability to which the girls really respond.  We are fortunate to have our daughter participate in the Mayhem program!

    Mother of an 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete The Coaches are True Mentors.

  • The best way to describe Alex McMahan is present.  She is at every practice, tournament and, game she can possibly attend. It is common to see Alex running from game to game so she can be there for the girls. She has a passion for the sport and the girls as individuals. My daughter picks up on that and plays harder, is learning and having fun while doing it. Moving my daughter to MLFHC was the best decision we as a family made.

    Mother of 9th Grade Mayhem Athlete Alex McMahan is PRESENT

  • The Mayhem Field Hockey program is a top notch organization.  From communication, organization and coaching it is clear the message is success.  Alex and the coaching staff are exceptional coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge, playing and coaching experience as well as their infectious enthusiasm to share their true love of the game.  They focus on importance of team as well as individualized attention for all players.

    The Mother of an 8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Top Notch Organization

  • I really like the atmosphere that surrounds me when I'm playing. It is always very positive and energetic. The coaching is good and they motivate me to be better than I was yesterday or the day before. They taught me how to perfect my skills and use them during games. I'm glad that I found the team. The girls that I play with are really talented and hard workers.   I, along with many of the other girls, are going to have and make many more memories together. I can Read Testimonial

    7th grade Mayhem Athlete They motivate me to better than I was yesterday

  • Mayhem has changed my life in such a positive way. As has club has flourished I as a player have too. I love going to practices even if I'm tired. I can't explain how much hockey has changed my life for the better. Mayhem is accepting of my loud personality and I can feel that being accepted helps with on and off the field. I feel that mayhem has prepared me for what lay ahead in hockey and in life. The positive coaching has brought so much into Mayhem and Read Testimonial

    Mayhem athlete, 8th grade. I can’t explain how much hockey has changed my life for the better.

  • As the club has flourished, the positive attitude and coaching have sprouted my growth as well. I'm always learning new things and constantly working on skills rather then sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I can be myself and am accepted for my loud personality. I am always looking forward to more field hockey, thanks to Mayhem.

    8th Grade Mayhem Athlete Always Learning New Things

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