We Love the Family Environment Mayhem Fosters

We had the pleasure of meeting Alex in the Summer of 2015. My wife and I had been at another club for 3 years. We sat with Alex in her backyard that summer to talk about her new club Mainline Mayhem. We were very impressed, but the most important part is the connection with the athlete. We set my daughter up for a one-on-one lesson with Alex. She left the lesson, and said Mom/Dad I want her as my coach.

Alex has a hands on approach with the girls, and seems to make a connection with all of them. She is fair and honest in her decision making, and is available to give the athlete feedback on how to get better. Alex is a role model for these young women. She treats them all with respect, and understands the psychology of these pre-teens and teens. Alex has hired a staff of young energetic professionals that not only know how to coach the game, but genuinely care about the girls. The coaches know how to communicate, and get the best out of every player.

As parent I look for 3 things from a club or a team. Is my daughter growing as person and teammate? Is my daughter growing as a player? And lastly and most importantly is my daughter smiling and having fun? I can honestly say that Alex and her Mainline Mayhem staff have 100% accomplished this goal. We love the club and the family environment that it fosters. The girls play as teammates and care about each other as players and people. We could not be happier with our decision.