Field hockey is an 11v11 team sport played on grass or turf. At Mayhem, we only play on turf, but the type varies based on the location. The club field hockey year spans from October to May, and it is built around the fall, winter and spring travel team seasons. But Mayhem offers much more than travel teams during those seasons, and we also have plenty of field hockey during the summer off-season, too. Mayhem is for elementary through high school-aged girls from beginner to advanced, low to high commitment. It’s important to note that the winter season is different from the rest—it’s “indoor hockey,” a fast-paced 6v6 variation of field hockey that is usually played on a basketball court lined by wooden sideboards. This variation requires different equipment and follows different rules.


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Spring season is from April–May. Travel teams, the Spring Training clinic series, other drop-in clinics and private and small group lessons are available.


Summer season is from June–August. Power Crew Conditioning and Skills clinic series, other drop-in clinics, summer camps, local summer leagues and private and small group lessons areavailable.


Fall season is from September–November. Travel teams, the Fall FUNdamentals clinic series, other drop-in clinics and private and small group lessons are available.


Winter season is the indoor hockey season, and it is from November–February. Travel teams, the Rising Indoor clinic series and other drop-in clinics are available.


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Travel team opportunities are for elite athletes who can fully commit to weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) team practices and tournaments during a season.


Unlike some other elite club sports, we encourage girls to play for their school teams and try to avoid schedule conflicts by practicing on Sunday afternoons. Tryouts are held in June.

HOME TEAMS: Home teams conclude their seasons with a local tournament in mid-November

AWAY TEAMS: Away Teams, or “Showcase Teams,” conclude their seasons with a tournament in Florida, Virginia or California over Thanksgiving. Acceptance of your position on an away team is a major financial and time commitment and often requires purchasing airfare and hotels four to five months in advance.


Winter indoor team practices are two hours at the same time every week and can be scheduled for any time between 4–10 pm Sunday–Friday. The teams attend three to five local tournaments in preparation for the USA Field Hockey National Indoor Tournament. (Not all travel teams will attempt to qualify for or be invited to attend the NIT.) The winter indoor season is an intensive commitment. The dates for practices and tournaments will be given to players and parents at the end of the summer. Each team only has nine to 10 players so attendance is crucial. Tryouts are held in August.


The Spring Travel Team is the culmination of the club travel team circuit during the past field hockey year. These teams consist of our most qualified and committed players who played on one of Mayhem’s fall and/or winter travel teams or participated in the Rising Indoor clinic series. Depending on team assignments, practices are once or twice a week and can be weeknights and/or weekends in preparation for 2 to 3 tournaments. The top teams in some age brackets will compete in the USA Field Hockey Regional Club Championships, and/or the USA Junior Premier Outdoor League, with the goal of qualifying for the National Club Championships held in July. Tryouts for the spring season are held in March.

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Mayhem clinics split into drop-in clinics and clinic series and are open to club members and nonmembers. Pre-registration is always required. Walk-ins are NOT permitted.


Drop-ins are 60-minute sessions that focus on one or two skills in a fun, fast-paced environment; they vary from season to season, so be sure to check back regularly. They can be purchased a la carte or as a package.

SEASONS: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

AGE GROUPS: U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, U-19—drop-in clinics are sorted by self-proclaimed skill level or, sometimes, school level (elementary, middle, high).



Clinic series are season-long programs that progress from week-to-week and must be purchased as a whole. These 90-minute sessions are informative but fun (think music and lots of scrimmage-time), and they introduce new athletes to the Mayhem culture and coaching staff, while providing current club members the opportunity to play with new athletes. Only one clinic series is offered per travel team season: Fall FUNdamentals, Indoor Rising in the winter and Spring Training.

SEASONS: Fall, Winter, Spring,

AGE GROUPS: U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, U-19


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Experience individualized training with some of Mayhem’s best coaches. Individual and small-group lessons are available upon request for Mayhem players or prospective players, only, and typically last one hour and are subject 
to coaches’ availability. Lessons are held at the MAC.

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Goalie Training

The Main Line Field Hockey Club’s collaboration with The Goalie Trainer will help you improve your reflexes, positioning, and overall skills to dominate on the field. It is a team approach to coaching and growing our Mayhem goalies across all programs. We take pride in providing personalized feedback to each goalie, whether you are on a travel team, at a clinic, or in a private lesson. Join us for one-on-one sessions or group training sessions to take your goalie game to the next level.

For more information email: [email protected]

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