Mayhem Leadership Program

The Mayhem Leadership program is designed to give select high school athletes the opportunity to shadow and assist the Mayhem coaching staff in order to learn key skills needed to teach and motivate young athletes.   Leaders will be taught to be self-assured when speaking in public, to have empathy and social attentiveness when athletes are struggling to learn, and how to deliver persuasive instruction in appealing ways to a specific (young) audience, and finally, how to be endlessly positive despite daunting tasks at hand.  Mayhem leaders will assist Mayhem coaches in the U10, U12 & U14 Spring Training & Travel Team programs by demonstrating and instructing skills in group and individual settings, coaching scrimmages, refereeing, interacting and giving direction to athletes and parents, and being pro-active in handling administrative and equipment needs.  Leaders will be included in coaching staff discussions regarding daily operations and will be given an evaluation of their leadership skills at the end of the season.

Mayhem is proud to hire leaders who have successfully completed the program and have gone on to compete at the collegiate level to join the Alumni Coaching Staff.

Student Athlete Leaders

Ainsley Short

School: Waldron Mercy Academy
Grade: 8th

“Mayhem means learning new skills and making new friends. It means not just learning field hockey, but also lessons that you will use in everyday life, such as leadership and learning how to take constructive criticism.”

Audrey Shaud

School: Episcopal Academy
Grade: 7th

“I have been told by many teachers and coaches that I am a natural leader and they count on me to guide my classmates/teammates by example or by my constant positive attitude. I often enjoy hanging out with kids for fun or to help out the Mini Camp program my club has. I also feel being apart of the leadership program would benefit me because it would further my experience and leadership skills in a different setting and get feedback from coaches on how to do even better as a leader.  I believe that watching other players grow and develop could help me improve as a player by giving me a different perspective of the game.”

Brooklyn Dougherty

School: St. Anastasia
Grade: 8th

Brooke O'Donoghue

School: Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary
Grade: 8th

Ciara Bleam

School: St. Aloysius
Grade: 8th

“It’s difficult to express in words what Mayhem means to me, however if I had to sum it up, Mayhem has become my family. During my time with the club I have built strong bonds with my teammates and have learned so much from my coaches, both on and off the field. Throughout the years I have learned sportsmanship, how to be a good teammate, how to be adaptable, communication skills, and confidence.”

Claire Conrad

School: Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary School
Grade: 8th

As a Mayhem leader, I hope to illustrate a deep connection between young athletes and field hockey. I hope to learn more about how to demonstrate and coach children in a way that they understand. I am so thankful for the opportunity to coach, referee, and share a bond with new field hockey players.

Claire O'Connor

School: Lower Merion High School
Grade: 9th

“All of the players and coaches have made me feel welcome and I have made many friendships along the way. Mayhem means a lot to me because it is a place where I can develop myself as a player, and also be a part of a fun and supportive team environment. I would be a good Mayhem leader because I love to make connections with people, and I am always willing to develop myself and be flexible. “

Dara Asherman

School: Perkiomen Valley High School
Grade: 10th

“Ever since coming to mayhem, I have learned more than just how to play field hockey.  I have learned how to be a leader, how to be positive, how to be a good teammate and friend,  how to learn from my coaches, and be the best me I can be. I want to learn to be a better leader, be more confident in myself, learn more coaching skills, and help grow the Mayhem Family.”

Dylan Oszeyczik

School: Methacton High School
Grade: 10th

“Mayhem is the perfect place to learn and grow, not only as a field hockey plate, but as a person. My coaches and teammates push me in a positive, encouraging and competitive environment.”

Ella Toll

School: Conestoga High School
Grade: 10th

“I look forward to each and every practice and game and enjoy every minute of the time I have to play with friends and learn so much about the sport I love from the best coaches.  Through Mayhem, my love for hockey has grown stronger and I see it being a part of my life for many years to come. Being a leader again would allow me to continue to pass on to young Mayhem players the same skills and understanding of the game that I was taught through the club. During my recent experience as a leader, I loved being able to encourage the players to have fun as they continue to learn to work hard and support their teammates, and I would appreciate an opportunity to do that again . “

Elsie Phipps

School: Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School
Grade: 8th

“To me, Mayhem is a place where I can go to make new friends, have fun, and do something I love. One of the things that make Mayhem so amazing is the coaching staff. In order for players to succeed, we need people who can guide us along the way.”

Emma Kraft

School: Central Bucks HS South
Grade: 11th

“Mayhem to me means excellence, competition, friendship, and evolving. When I think of mayhem I think fierce, strong, athletes. I think I would be an excellent mayhem leader because I love kids, I am great at teaching others, I have a positive attitude, and I have experience with coaching kids.”

Kaitlyn Comuso

School: St. Francis Xavier School
Grade: 8th

“Mayhem has taught me so many things about sports and real life already.  Mayhem has taught me the value of friendship, and how to have fun, while teaching me to improve my skills all at once. I enjoy going to practice because of the community that Mayhem has provided me.  As a Mayhem Leader, I want to help these athletes grow to love the game that I have grown to love.”

Katelyn Landis

School: Quakertown High School
Grade: 11th

“Since joining Mayhem about a year and a half ago, I have grown to love the sport of field hockey in a whole new way. Mayhem has always been a positive outlet where I can grow in the sport and the relationships it brings with peers, coaches, and teammates.”

Kathryn Pedicino

School: Mount Saint Joseph Academy
Grade: 9th

Kayla Rosenbaum

School: Shipley School
Grade: 11th

“Walking onto the field before practice, I am always excited because I know I’m surrounded by a supportive group of people who love field hockey as much as I do. The coaches at Mayhem have not only helped me develop my skills as an athlete, but have taught me valuable life lessons and helped me become a responsible, passionate person.”

Keira Connell

School: Villa Maria
Grade: 8th

“Mayhem to me means building relationships that I will hold forever. Some of my closest friends are from my Mayhem teams. The girls and coaches I surround myself with empower me to be my best self at every tournament and practice.”

Kendall Deluca

School: Gwynedd Mercy Academy
Grade: 8th

“Throughout my time playing at Mayhem, I have learned new skills, grew my love of the game, and developed some of my best friendships. I want to show young players what being a Mayhem player is: hard working, willing to learn, and having fun no matter the outcome.”

Lauren Krapels

School: Conestoga High School
Grade: 9th

“Mayhem means more to me than just field hockey, mayhem is a family to me. At Mayhem I’m given an amazing support system from my teammates and coaches. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who love field hockey as much as I do. The coaches at mayhem have not only helped me improve my field hockey skills but also taught me life lessons that I can use in life.”

Madison Charles

School: Methacton High School
Grade: 9th

“The coaching staff truly cares about the players.  Those are the types of people everyone should want to surround themselves by, ones who want you to succeed!”

Molly DiCampli

School: Henderson High School

“I would like to have the same impact on the younger MAYHEM girls as Tara did for me. It would be nice to come full-circle and become part of the Mayhem Leadership Program.”

Molly Diamondstein 

School: Lower Merion High School
Grade: 10th

“Mayhem is a place where I have been able to explore, learn, make new friends and continue to develop a love for Field Hockey. As a goalie, I know how important it is to communicate and have the right mindset. Being a Mayhem Leader means that I would be able to help the younger players to develop their skills and techniques and give feedback that is meaningful and positive.”

Molly Meilinger

School: Saints Peter and Paul

“From the moment I joined the Mayhem Field Hockey Club, I felt an instant sense of belonging to a community that was more than just a field hockey club – it is a family. Through my year at Mayhem, I have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. The coaches at Mayhem are passionate about field hockey, and have increased my confidence on and off the field.”

Molly Romano

School: Merion Mercy Academy
Grade: 10th

“I have been lucky enough to be a part of this community for almost five years, and have loved and cherished every second of it. No matter how I’m feeling when I arrive at practice, I know I can leave everything on the sidelines and be able to enjoy the game that I have grown to love more every year. I don’t think of Mayhem as a just place or team, but as a community of girls brought together by our  shared love of field hockey, as well as an environment where I can grow individually as an athlete, and a teammate.”

Neve O'Byrne

School: Garnet Valley Middle School
Grade: 8th

“Mayhem is a place where I make good friends, memories, and learn field hockey skills. Mayhem practices are a fun place to play, learn and enjoy field hockey with friends.”

Norah Kirsch

School: Spring Ford
Grade: 8th

“Mayhem is a place where I can play the game I love surrounded with supportive coaches and teammates that encourage me. At Mayhem, I feel that we learn together, work together, celebrate together, and have fun together.  Leadership is defined as the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. Some qualities of a good leader are being kind, empowering, self-aware, consistent, and credible.”

Olivia Callahan

School: Haverford Middle School
Grade: 8th

Paige Carmichael

School: Garnet Valley Middle School
Grade: 8th

Riley McGowan

School: E. T. Richardson Middle School (ETR)
Grade: 8th

“To me, Mayhem isn’t just a field hockey club, it’s a family. I might have only joined this past year, but I have made many friends and have been welcomed by everyone I have met. I am so grateful for the opportunity that Mayhem has given me to grow as a teammate, player, and individual.”

Sophie Raymond

School: The Pennington School
Grade: 9th

“Mayhem is a place where I can be both a player and a leader and help share my love of the game with other players, younger and older, coaches and spectators.  I will be a good leader because I have a positive attitude, I am always ready to learn and I love working with younger players.  I would like to coach after my college career so any opportunity to work with Mayhem coaches and get constructive feedback will help me be a better player and coach.”

Veronica Goettner

“Field hockey is so important to me because it brought out a new level of confidence in myself. It also became my escape from stress and anxiety. Over the years I have learned so many fun skills that I could do for hours on end and I want to teach younger girls those skills and how much fun this sport really is.”

Victoria Guano

School: Perkiomen Valley High School
Grade: 9th

“What Mayhem means to me is not to be the best player on the field, but to be the best version of yourself. I joined Mayhem last spring and I instantly thought Mayhem was the perfect place for me. The welcoming environment has helped me grow mentally and physically as a player, along with the amazing coaching staff. “