Mayhem Leadership Program

The Mayhem Leadership program is designed to give select high school athletes the opportunity to shadow and assist the Mayhem coaching staff in order to learn key skills needed to teach and motivate young athletes.   Leaders will be taught to be self-assured when speaking in public, to have empathy and social attentiveness when athletes are struggling to learn, and how to deliver persuasive instruction in appealing ways to a specific (young) audience, and finally, how to be endlessly positive despite daunting tasks at hand.  Mayhem leaders will assist Mayhem coaches in the U10, U12 & U14 Spring Training program by demonstrating and instructing skills in group and individual settings, coaching scrimmages, refereeing, interacting and giving direction to athletes and parents, and being pro-active in handling administrative and equipment needs.  Leaders will be included in coaching staff discussions regarding daily operations and will be given an evaluation of their leadership skills at the end of the season.

Mayhem is proud to hire leaders who have successfully completed the program and have gone on to compete at the collegiate level to join the Mayhem Alumni Coaching Staff.

Student Athlete Leaders


Barbara Civitella, Radnor High School

“Growing in tandem with this club has shaped me into the person I am. Representing this growth, by playing, is so important to me. Mayhem was a seed that swiftly grew into a mighty forest, and I am so proud to be a part of this growth. Every time I show up to a tournament, I am honored to sport the black and yellow, knowing that we are stronger, and better than we were previously. Mayhem is my past in that it saw me at my worst, Mayhem is my present in that it’s something I look forward to every day and Mayhem is my future as it has opened doors for me in unimaginable ways. Undoubtedly, playing for Mayhem is an integral part of my life. Last year at the leadership program, I was able to learn so much about the sport and myself. I love being able to step on the field and know that I am responsible to set an example for the growing players. I’d love to extend this amazing opportunity into this year, to aid me as a player and to help the future players. Watching my team progress throughout the season last year brought so much joy to my heart because I knew I was a part of it. Coaching is so rewarding, and being able to witness when it all “clicks” is life changing.”

Kate Perretta, Villa Maria High School

Playing for Mayhem not only means playing the sport I love while meeting new people but it also means gaining new insight about the game from talented and experienced coaches. Coming from a different club, it wasn’t until I joined Mayhem that I realized how limitless this sport can be. Mayhem provides energy, passion, and a ton of resources for their athletes to continually improve.  As part of a state championship team, not only did I have the opportunity to play with talented players, but as a sophomore on a varsity team that sat the bench a lot it gave me the perspective to understand what it means to be a team player. This taught me how to be humble and challenged me to grow as an athlete and individual. I want to become a Mayhem leader because I want to be involved in the sport even when I am not playing it. This opportunity allows me to help girls younger then me learn about the sport I am passionate about and also help me learn coaching skills that I can use in my future. “

Savannah Silvestre, Upper Perkiomen Valley

“If I were to describe Mayhem in one word it would be family. I have been with Mayhem for over 1 year and I am so in love with this club. I have made so many new friends with girls from all kinds of backgrounds and the best part is even if we haven’t seen each other in awhile we pick up right where we left off the previous season. Earlier this past summer I was privileged enough to be apart of Mayhem’s RCCs and NCCs team, as well as Mayhem’s first international team to Scotland. Since then, I think I can say for all of us that we can’t wait for fall season because our team had become a family. I would love to become a Mayhem leader because I have a desire to help others become better than they already are and be able to teach them what I have learned during my time with the sport. I would hope to gain more knowledge of the sport from the players and the coaches and also being able to have the privilege to learn techniques behind coaching. Overall I love this sport and this club and would be honored to become a Mayhem leader and help other players become the best that they can be.”

Genevieve Mehra, Radnor High School

I play field hockey for three reasons. First, I love the game. Whenever I play I feel a rush of excitement, and coming off the field I feel refreshed and accomplished. Another reason I play is because I am very competitive. Although I may not always show it, I love winning games and tournaments. Also, when I lose it’s a great incentive for me to work harder, practice more and put in more effort in our next games. The last reason I play is because I love the friends I have made and people I have met because of this sport. I have extremely strong bonds with many of the players, and some of my best friends are ones I’ve made from field hockey.”

Emma Leppert, Bishop McDevott High School

“I am always proud to tell people that I am part of the Main Line Mayhem Field Hockey Club. Playing for Mayhem means that I am part of a community of teammates, coaches, and families that all are working toward bettering their skills, supporting each other, having fun, and striving for excellence. Mayhem has helped me grow in my athletic abilities and skills, confidence, and gave me the opportunity for my first international experience that I will never forget. It may sound funny but when I put my uniform on and tuck in my jersey before I walk on the field, I feel a sense of pride and awareness of all that Mayhem represents. For me it is personal.

As a goalie a major part of my responsibility is to communicate effectively with my teammates, and act as a leader on the field. A goalie needs to be physically and mentally prepared during the game as well as know and recognize all of the defensive strategies and techniques. As a goalie I am constantly trying to motivate my team. I feel that this would be a great opportunity to get tips and training on how I can be more effective in that way.  Goalies sometimes are overlooked and I would love to be able to serve as a role model to others and bring a new perspective on making goalies recognize they are a critical part of the team experience.”


Zoe Rogers, Gwynedd Mercy Academy

“Field Hockey is a sport that has brought challenges and hard decisions that have changed my life for the better. I have become more confident as a student, an athlete, and as a person since I started to play. I love meeting new people that share the same passion as I do. Field Hockey is not a sport that I play to put on my college application, or to get a better job or because I want to stay in shape, it is a sport that I play because l love it. This sport has brought me closer to many of my friends and has helped shape the person I am today.”

Zora Johson, William Penn Charter School

“Playing for Mayhem is not only about field hockey. It is about the people you get to meet and the skills you get to learn, and all the while enjoying the sport you love to play. Mayhem isn’t just a team it becomes a family. Going to tournaments with your team and competing with people who are just as passionate as you provide a satisfaction that you don’t always get playing for a school team. I have been playing field hockey for 5 years now but have only been involved in a club team for one.  I know that I struggled with being shy at the beginning of my club experience, but the coaches supported me and provided opportunities for team bonding during practices and at tournaments which helped me become more comfortable. I want to help create young female leaders that will help lead their peers on and off the field. I want to share my passion of field hockey with other girls who are just coming out of their shell just like me at that age and help build up their level of confidence also on and off the field as well. I want to be a Mayhem leader because I am excited to help build up young girls, who I once was like, and help them reach their full potential.”

Kelly O'Connor, Merion Mercy Academy

“Mayhem is about working hard and training to play to the best of your ability, as well as creating a close-knit community that can give each other positive and negative feedback and push each other. I have been playing field hockey for around 6 years now and it is my favorite sport. I never back down from challenges, but face them and learn from them. I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland with the first International Mayhem Team and also go to RCCs and NCCs. Both of these experiences, despite the outcomes, have taught me how to push through the barriers of competitiveness and how important it is to be a leader and a team player. I love field hockey so much, and I want to help these younger girls experience the joy I feel every time I pick up my field hockey stick and want them to grow in the sport. I want my team, if I become a Mayhem leader, to enjoy every moment that they are playing, grow in the sport of field hockey, an appreciate it while they are playing.”

Eloise Woodall, Phoenixville HS

“Field hockey for me is playing the sport I love with people who share my same passion. While I’ve been part of Mayhem since the very beginning, I wear the uniform with immense pride and enjoy seeing the talent this club has developed to be recognized and compete at the national level.  The club has formed into a community of girls eager to learn and form everlasting friendships on and off the field. Playing for Mayhem has given me confidence in myself and trust in my teammates so that the game we play, no matter the outcome, will
be executed to our best ability. I’ve been playing field hockey since the age of four in our local community league, and through my high school, I’ve been volunteering in this same league to build the program for a successful stream of upcoming field hockey players. By working in positive, encouraging, and competitive environments that Mayhem offers, I realized that helping to teach the future of the club is vital to continue the success story. Not all communities have an established field hockey league, and supporting the Mayhem legacy through future generations by involving young players in the game that were once like me, will create a fantastic group of female athletes.”

Maggie Carson, Conestoga High School

“Mayhem is a community where I have learned a lot about field hockey, sportsmanship, friendships, leadership, and many other qualities. While playing for Mayhem, I have grown as a person and a player on and off the field. Playing at Mayhem has created some of the best memories and has overall been a wonderful experience. When people ask me what club I play for, I am always proud to say Mayhem.  I love working with kids of all ages, through the leadership program I will learn how to be a leader and set a great example for the girls to follow. I think this program will also build great life skills in communication, developing, and inspiring others. I really want and hope to help younger girls develop their skills and lead them along the way, just like Alex, my coaches, and Mayhem Leaders have done for me.”

Kristen Riddell, Methacton High School

“To me playing for Mayhem is first and foremost a privilege.  But with privilege comes responsibility. To me being responsible means being dependable, honoring commitments, and developing potential.    Mayhem is developing skills, it is developing leadership, it is developing friendships, it is developing achievements, in addition to developing teamwork skills, mentors, relationships, time management skills all while having a good time with premier coaches. I feel that I would be the perfect representative for Mayhem.  I am always asked where I train and I proudly stand tall and let everyone and anyone know that I am all Mayhem.  It would be a privilege to represent the Mayhem club even further by being selected into the Mayhem Leadership Program.”

Annie Shaw, Villa Maria Academy

To me, Mayhem has always filled my late Sunday nights, early Saturday mornings and a lot of the days in between and I couldn’t imagine spending that time any other way. Not only have I become a better field hockey player, but a better person. I have learned the do’s and don’t’s of field hockey, game sense and awareness, and how to use my instincts. The greatest thing I believe I have learned is to play with heart. As it says on the front page of the Mayhem website, “If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with conviction or passion.” Mayhem truly embraces this quote in everything they do. I would love to give back to a club that has given so much to me. When I was younger, I looked up to these girls so much. They inspired me to work to get where I am today and I would love to do that for all the U14, U12, and U10 girls with big dreams that brought them to this one of a kind club.”

Ryann Curley, Great Valley High School

Mayhem is an amazing place where I enjoy playing the sport that I love. It gives me an opportunity to have fun competition with people that love field hockey just as much as I do. Mayhem pushes me to be the best that I can be and all around I love being part of such an amazing club. I want to teach the younger members of Mayhem everything I know. I love working with kids and helping them figure out the easiest, and most efficient way to play field hockey. It is a really good feeling to watch kids grow with something they are passionate for. I want to see these girls learn to love this sport as much as I do.”