Mayhem Leadership Program

The Mayhem Leadership program is designed to give select high school athletes the opportunity to shadow and assist the Mayhem coaching staff in order to learn key skills needed to teach and motivate young athletes.   Leaders will be taught to be self-assured when speaking in public, to have empathy and social attentiveness when athletes are struggling to learn, and how to deliver persuasive instruction in appealing ways to a specific (young) audience, and finally, how to be endlessly positive despite daunting tasks at hand.  Mayhem leaders will assist Mayhem coaches in the U10, U12 & U14 Spring Training & Travel Team programs by demonstrating and instructing skills in group and individual settings, coaching scrimmages, refereeing, interacting and giving direction to athletes and parents, and being pro-active in handling administrative and equipment needs.  Leaders will be included in coaching staff discussions regarding daily operations and will be given an evaluation of their leadership skills at the end of the season.

Mayhem is proud to hire leaders who have successfully completed the program and have gone on to compete at the collegiate level to join the Alumni Coaching Staff.

Student Athlete Leaders

Ashley Derrick

“MAYHEM means to me having a family to lean on for everyone. Being around players who strive to get better by pushing their peers.”

Aubrey Kilgore

“As a goalie, I feel like it is important for me to know my team and communicate with them. I always have to be prepared for any shot or play that might come my way. Getting feedback from coaches is an important part of the game, so I hope to help other girls develop their skills the way I have at Mayhem and be a role model to them throughout the process.”

Brianna Reino

“I want it to be an escape for other players to channel the negative energy or stress in their lives, as well as passion for the game, onto the field just as the coaches at Mayhem have helped me do during my transition back to field hockey. The Mayhem community is so positive and supportive in every aspect of its management and players, and I am so honored to be a part of the leadership council.”

Carly Elmer

“A “Mayhem Leader” is someone who holds various qualities, including the ability to communicate and guide others, and to be passionate towards the task at hand.”

Caroline Doyle

“I want to inspire and spread the great relationship our club has with each other. Mayhem is a special place, and I want to teach the younger generation at Mayhem how to be part of this amazing community.”

Grace Murphy

“As a Mayhem Leader I hope that I can be a role model to younger players. I will show them a positive example of what a high schooler, playing hockey looks like”

Eliza Vander

“I love giving back to this club because it has helped me a lot through the years and I hope that it can do the same for other girls. I’m always hoping to improve my leadership skills and I think this program will help enormously.”

Emma Brayford

“I hope to learn many things through the leadership program one being how to properly coach and motivate young athletes. Some more things I would like to get from the leadership program would be to gain more relationships with some of the mayhem coaches and athletes, also to strengthen my public speaking skills as well as give instructions that are well understood.”

Emma Kerr

“Mayhem means a lot to me and I feel very lucky to have been part of the club for five years. I have loved playing field hockey and meeting so many girls during my years with Mayhem. All of my coaches have been great and I have learned many skills that have helped to improve my play.”

Emma Maher

“I am excited to have the opportunity to be on the Mayhem Leadership Program where I can help advance girl’s knowledge of the sport and show them the love and passion I have for the Mayhem family on and off the field.”

Emma Leppert

“In my final year with Mayhem, I am so honored to be considered again for the Mayhem Leadership Program. Playing for Mayhem means that I am part of a community of teammates, coaches, and families that all are working toward improving their skills, supporting each other, having fun, and striving for excellence.”

Kristina Cobb

“Although I have only been with Mayhem for a year now, something I love most about the club is the coaching staff because they motivate everybody to try new things and stay confident in their play.”

Lauren Gallagher

“I admire Mayhem as a club, and hope to be able to be part of the difference Mayhem is making for so many athletes, especially those at the beginning of their field hockey careers.”

Lexi Patterson

“Mayhem to me, is not just a field hockey team but a community. One that will support me on and off of the field. I have created so many friendships and bonds through Mayhem. Mayhem has coaches that will support and uplift you as a person and a player. I think I would be a good “Mayhem Leader” because I want to help other players learn different skills and understand that field hockey is not just a game.”

Lily Wolfe

“I always have a sense of belonging and I’ve had the privilege of meeting many, many inspirational players and coaches along the way. Working with a younger group of players will only allow me to expand my Mayhem family and hopefully inspire someone else.”

Madeline Bogle

“I would like to be a Mayhem Leader because Mayhem does not just mean field hockey to me, it also means family and forever friendships. Mayhem means a community of people who all enjoy the same thing and who have some of the same goals. I want to work with the younger athletes to help them reach these goals and have fun while they do it.”

Molly Romano

“I am so glad that I am a part of this outstanding community, and it means so much to me that I am able to lead and inspire the future stars of Mayhem.”

Nina Scott

“To me, Mayhem represents individuality and helping people bring out the best in their talent on and off the field. Mayhem has shown me that it is ok to mess up because it helps you learn from your mistakes and gives you opportunities to come back and become 10x better.”

Rylie McGrath

“I love helping others, I love field hockey and I love the Mayhem organization. I’d like to be a part of Mayhem’s leadership program for these reasons and many more but most of all because it’s a great way for me to give back, and continue to learn and grow as a player and a person.”

Shae Wozniak

“To me, Mayhem is a place where no matter what has happened in my day, I can play the sport I love with friends who are important to me. Mayhem has shown me the importance of teamwork and helps push me to achieve my goals. I could not be the field hockey player I am now without the great coaches that mentor me and push me and my team to be our best.”