Mayhem Leadership Program

The Mayhem Leadership program is designed to give select high school athletes the opportunity to shadow and assist the Mayhem coaching staff in order to learn key skills needed to teach and motivate young athletes.   Leaders will be taught to be self-assured when speaking in public, to have empathy and social attentiveness when athletes are struggling to learn, and how to deliver persuasive instruction in appealing ways to a specific (young) audience, and finally, how to be endlessly positive despite daunting tasks at hand.  Mayhem leaders will assist Mayhem coaches in the U10, U12 & U14 Spring Training program by demonstrating and instructing skills in group and individual settings, coaching scrimmages, refereeing, interacting and giving direction to athletes and parents, and being pro-active in handling administrative and equipment needs.  Leaders will be included in coaching staff discussions regarding daily operations and will be given an evaluation of their leadership skills at the end of the season.

Spring 2017 Leaders


Barbara Civitella, Radnor High School

“I ask more of myself as a person in addition to reflecting on my own actions; my confidence has flourished into something I never imagined it could be. I walk around with the ability to do something and make an impact on a team, and my mental toughness is constantly renewed… I am able to lead a group in failure and in prosperity and I do so with actions as well as words. I never shy away from a challenge and I like to take away and extract my experiences from leading to better myself… As a player, it is vital that I break down the mechanics of what I do as well as think about how it effects the play. Also, as a player it is so important that we master the basics and that we are confident in our skills, failure for my team in indoor derived from us forgetting the basics, the little things. These little things being executed is so impactful in game play and is what can make or break a team.  Having our hands on the future of this club and contemplating the basics can really be beneficial on all levels… As a club, I think Mayhem has become so prosperous because of the ability to be positively coached by individuals of great wisdom. Being able to pass down that wisdom, to pass down the knowledge we have engulfed, creates a thought process in every individual; this thought process, of course, is the betterment of oneself.  Passion is what kindles the fire of success.”

Meghan Dillon, Villa Maria Academy

Field Hockey is not always just about the game, it is also the people and coaches that I have met along the way that have influenced and pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. It is a great way to fulfill your competitive spirit on and off the field. The fast-paced nature of the sport makes it a great way to recognize the amount of intensity in a game and for me to be familiar with being under pressure. Field Hockey takes a lot of repetition and focus during practice and game situations. I encourage myself to be continuously challenged, mentally and physically and I am extremely eager to learn something new each practice. My philosophy every game is that through my experience, even if I sat on the bench until the last minutes and was finally asked to go in, I would be as intense and aggressive in a game that had just started. Even if we are down by a lot, I have learned from much experience that a lot can change in a minute. The excitement and anticipation through every second of the game leaves me on the edge of my seat and that is what I enjoy the most while being able to spend every one of those seconds with my teammates… There is just something special about sharing your passion with a large group of people. Playing with Mayhem has been one of the most exciting moments in my field hockey career. It has opened up so many opportunities for me to improve, learn new things, and meet some amazing people along the way.”

Katie Deflavia, Conestoga High School

“I play Field hockey for many reasons, one being because I love the sport, including the speed and intensity that comes along with it.  There’s no better feeling than scoring a goal and being congratulated by all of your teammates. I love learning new skills, and then with hard work, being able to succeed.  I love to inspire younger players by showing them my skills and helping them become advanced on their own. I have a passion for the game and for this club. I have patience to help the younger players who are not catching on as quickly as their other team mates. I feel as if I am very confident on and off the field and I can help transfer that confidence towards the younger players.”

Tara Hausker, Conestoga High School

“Ever since I started playing in 7th grade, field hockey has been my favorite after-school activity.  I love coming to practice and working on skills, corners, drills, and even the sprints.  I really just fell in love with the sports, and trying to imagine my life without field hockey is very empty.  I do other things besides this sport but I honestly would rather be at practice or at a tournament.  I want to spread my love for this sport by helping the next generation of athletes fall in love with the sport and with Mayhem; the Mayhem coaches really liked me and saw my potential, rather than seeing me as just another numbers or pay check.”

Lauren Cauley, Conestoga High School

“I play field hockey not only for the love of competition, but for everything that comes along with being part of a team. The connections that you make with teammates are like no other. Nothing compares to the feeling  you get when you and your best friends are working toward common goal, and after months of practices, you achieve it. So much hard work and time goes into the sport, but you get so much out of it which makes it is well worth it… I think that I can encourage people to stay focused and play not only to win, but also to learn what it means to be part of a team. I hope that I can take away the satisfaction of knowing that I helped a team succeed by improving their skills and agility as well as their connections with their teammates.”

Laura Conway, Conestoga High School

“I play field hockey because if I didn’t, I would not be in the same place I am today. I started playing in 3rd grade, so it is basically all that I know. The sport taught be how to work with a team, which proved difficult since I am an only child. It gave me almost all of the friends I have today, people who understand the sore muscles and struggle of shin guard rashes.   I believe I would be a good Mayhem Leader because I love kids. I have worked at a summer camp the past 3 summers, so I know how to handle their endless amounts of energy.  I also really like helping younger kids learn, especially something I am passionate about. I want to be a teacher when I am older, so I try to take every possible advantage to help me prepare for the future.”

Meredith Webb, Radnor High School

“Field hockey gave me something to be proud of in the midst of the chaos of middle school.  This feeling has translated to my high school experience as well.  The stress of freshman and sophomore year at a competitive high school was always relieved at practice.  I found a safe haven in my team at school and in my tournament teams. I play field hockey because it constantly teaches me about myself.  I have become a more confident and strong person because of this sport.”

Genevieve Mehra, Radnor High School

I play field hockey for three reasons. First, I love the game. Whenever I play I feel a rush of excitement, and coming off the field I feel refreshed and accomplished. Another reason I play is because I am very competitive. Although I may not always show it, I love winning games and tournaments. Also, when I lose it’s a great incentive for me to work harder, practice more and put in more effort in our next games. The last reason I play is because I love the friends I have made and people I have met because of this sport. I have extremely strong bonds with many of the players, and some of my best friends are ones I’ve made from field hockey.”

Zoe Rogers, Gwynedd Mercy Academy

“Field Hockey is a sport that has brought challenges and hard decisions that have changed my life for the better. I have become more confident as a student, an athlete, and as a person since I started to play. I love meeting new people that share the same passion as I do. Field Hockey is not a sport that I play to put on my college application, or to get a better job or because I want to stay in shape, it is a sport that I play because l love it. This sport has brought me closer to many of my friends and has helped shape the person I am today.”

Abigail Fuller, Waynesboro High School

I play field hockey because it is my passion, I love everything about the sport. Field hockey has been a key part of my life since I started playing in 7th grade.  I desire to grow my knowledge of the game and to expand the leadership skills that I already have. I think this experience would enable me to better understand some playing circumstances and allow me to apply them in the cage and to help me with understanding the field player perspective.”


Julia Rappaport, Lower Merion High School

“As a junior in high school, I struggle daily with balancing homework and college preparation, but with field hockey, I am able to take a mental break and really enjoy myself in bonding with teammates and exercising. It’s a time where I can challenge myself and set goals aside from my academic ones. Field hockey pushes me to not only achieve goals within the sport, but also teaches me how to set realistic goals for life. For me, field hockey is a great way to relieve my stress while learning lessons that help me in life… One thing that Mayhem coaches pride themselves on is their positive environment to secure a place where players are able to improve their skills without feeling bad about trying new things.  I am someone who helps support this testimony by being optimistic and positive on and off the field.  Not only do I hope to make an impact in the girls’ lives, but I also hope they will also have an effect in mine as well. While coaching the girls I hope to learn from them about how to be a better outspoken leader and, of course, become a better field hockey player.”

Kate Dinsmore, Great Valley High School

“Field hockey has helped develop me as a better person.  The coaches I have met through field hockey will continue influencing my life through positivity and encouragement on and off the field. They always believe in me and push me to work harder. I have become more social by becoming close with a new set of girls with every team, but field hockey has especially made me more confident. I used to be very shy, but by getting better with my skills at field hockey, the field has become a place where I can exploit this skills and have confidence in myself which has now transferred off the field… I hope to become more confident in my leadership skills through this experience. Hopefully, the leadership position will teach me how to work well with individuals as well as a team. I believe the experience will teach me new ways to inspire a team and that I can teach them that they can win if they believe in themselves.

Brianna Odgers, Academy of Notre Dame

“I play field hockey because it allows for me to block out everything else going on in my life, and just focus on doing something I love. Field hockey provides me with tactics and skills I can use for life like attitude, tenacity, and mental toughness.  Qualities I possess that make me a great leader are mental toughness (constantly talking on/off the field, keeping my team focused on the game, and positivity), perseverance, trustworthiness, and responsibility.  From this great opportunity I hope to learn and bring back to my team spirit, motivation, enthusiasm, experience.”

Cierra Colleran, Great Valley High School

“I play field hockey because I find it fun and challenging. I like that it is a sport that there is always more to improve upon, yet everything is depending on simple, technical skills. Also, it makes me feel aggressive on the field, yet when you come off, everyone is so sweet. Field hockey lets you have the perfect balance.  Also, I feel I am fun and energetic which helps kids feel comfortable and at ease, yet also calm and understanding to help relate to more shy girls.”