Training Programs

2019: Fall FUNdamentals Program

 A quick and easy way to practice basic skills with athletes your own age and/or skill level, and to continue to improve your game in the following four key areas: Proper dribbling techniques; Passing &  Receiving; Shooting; Defense.

Athletes that attend practice consistently will have the opportunity to receive an evaluation at the beginning of the season and again at the end in order to assess how they have progressed and the areas in which continued improvement is needed.

This Program is Currently Underway

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2018-2019 Mayhem Rising Indoor Training Program


Don’t let your skills go to waste in the off-season! Improve the speed of your stick skills and decision-making have a TON of fun playing indoor field hockey on a court during the off-season with this fast-and-furious version of field hockey.  Training with “Mayhem Rising” is perfect for new and less experienced indoor players to hone the fundamentals.


2019 Spring Training Programs

MAYHEM’s 5th Annual Spring Training Program invites athletes of ALL ages and skill levels to learn and practice a wide variety of skills and tactical strategies this spring at one of TWO sites to much your competition and experience level: one site at The Academy of Notre Dame for Intermediate and Beginner Players from 2nd-8th graders, and a second ELITE site on Villanova’s brand new astroturf field for 6th-12th graders.