Choosing a Camp: 

  • Beginner Pre-K & Kindergarten Athletes: Your athlete’s first opportunity to learn field hockey in a safe and nurturing environment.  Designed for the active yet attentive little athlete, this innovative field hockey learning program uses games and drills that teach not only basic field hockey skill, but core athletic movements and coordination.  Objectives are to develop comfort with the stick and to familiarize athletes with correct motor skill movement patterns and social skills key to teamwork.  Kids will participate in a non-competitive scrimmage and game-like drills in every session and will leave exhausted!
    • CAMP: Mayhem Minis
  • Beginner & Intermediate 1st-8th Grade Athletes:  Rapid introduction to basic field hockey techniques in skill drills and scrimmaging designed to improve individual skill.  Fun camp games and activities balanced with field hockey-focused skills, drills and scrimmaging.  An emphasis is placed on teamwork, participation, hustle and communication to create a learning environment that allows for meeting new friends and making mistakes while getting comfortable with your stick!
    • CAMP: Grow the Game
  • Advanced 6th-8th Grade Athletes:  For athletes with several years of Club or middle school playing experience who are sound in the fundamentals and who are ready to focus on advanced  skills.  Athletes at these camps will be exposed to a high level of competition and coached by coaches who know how to push athletes to their potential.
    • CAMPS: Shoot & Save Camp, Team Up Preseason Camp, Mayhem Travel Team Camp
  • Advanced 9th-12th Grade Athletes: For athletes serious about competing at the high school Varsity or collegiate level with sound fundamentals and competitive playing experience.  Athletes at these camps will be exposed to a high level of competition and coached by senior coaches who hold their athletes to high standards.
    • CAMPS: Team Up Preseason Camp, Mayhem Travel Team Camp



Camps are open to athletes of all ages, skill levels, and club affiliations!

Age Divisions Based on 2023-2024 School Year

All Camps held inside in the (air conditioned!) Mayhem Athletic Center turf EXCEPT for Team Up Camp.

Questions: [email protected]