2024 Lessons & Power Crews

Private and small group training is the best way to improve your skills at your own pace. Experience Mayhem’s coaching philosophy at its very source by working with ALL of the Mayhem coaches AND Mayhem ALUMNI who have gone on to play at the collegiate level, in a high-tempo, fun and laid-back environment, while learning elite-level stick work, offensive elimination skills, advanced passing and shooting techniques and fundamental defensive skills!   Athletes can choose to train with coaches either in the morning “Power Crew” that includes a full-body workout, or to JUST focus on skill development in either private or small group lessons.

Power Crew Summer Training Sessions

Music blasting, teammates and coaches cheering you on, practice, sweat, and POWER.  Open to all club and school players; 30 minutes of conditioning, 45 minutes of skills training- sorted by age.  All ages and skill levels are welcome and parents are encouraged to attend!

Power Crew Sessions Include:

  • 30 mins. of Cardio
  • 15 mins. of Strength Training/ Agility/ Balance/ Core
  • 15 mins. of skill work
  • 15 mins. of game play

Summer Power Crew Packages: 75 Minutes

(1) Session:$30 Purchase a Session

(3) Sessions:$78 Purchase Package

(6) Sessions:$156 Purchase Package

UNLIMITED Access Package: $240 Purchase Package

How to Schedule Your Sessions:

  1. Purchase a Package Above
  2. View the available dates/times on our Google Doc Power Crew Schedule
  3. Find your age designation “high school” or “middle school” and add your name to any BLANK cells below the day/time that fits your schedule, as many times as your Package allows.
  4. Enter the number session next to your name to keep track of your package uses (Ex. “Alex- 3/8” or “Sam-Ulmtd”).

Individual & Small Group Lessons:

For Mayhem Club Members Only (or prospective members) and are available upon request, subject to availability.  Priority scheduling is given to those who purchase packages of 6 lessons or more.

To Schedule, email: [email protected]



(1) Athletes: $95 ea.

(2) Athletes: $65 ea.

(3) Athletes: $60 ea.

(4) Athletes: 55 ea.

(5) Athletes: $50 ea.


(1) Athletes: $50 ea.

(2) Athletes: $40 ea.

(3) Athletes: $35 ea.

(4) Athletes: $30 ea.

(5) Athletes: $25 ea.