My Sister’s Keeper

In Honor of Mayhem Alumna Zoë Rogers (#110)

“My Sister’s Keeper” was created to honor the legacy of Mayhem Alumna, Zoë Rogers, who tragically lost her life in October 2020, at the young age of 19.  It was apparent to whoever met Zoë that she carried a tireless energy, enthusiasm and passion for the sport and her teammates, on and off the field.  Whether coaching aspiring athletes or defending the cage, you could peak through Zoë’s goalie mask to see not only intensity in her eyes, but her bright, beaming smile.  Zoë was an exemplary goalkeeper, coach, friend and mentor, not just because of her skill, but because of the joy and exuberance she brought to the game and her “sisters” on the field.

The slogan “My Sister’s Keeper” is intended not only to honor Zoë’s undying passion for the game, but to reiterate The Main Line Field Hockey Club’s mission: we believe that playing this game is about more than just the goals you score and the saves you make; it’s about supporting your “sisters,” finding happiness and success through competition and teamwork, and developing relationships with friends and coaches that last a lifetime.  It’s about empowering young women on and off the field by building confidence through field hockey that will change their lives.  And it’s about coaches who are not only experts in their craft but who serve as role models young athletes can relate to personally and athletically. 

It is now our job to remind our athletes to “keep” Zoë’s legacy alive.  We must encourage each other to play with heart, to push each other to improve with kindness, to teach each other how to lead, how to succeed, and how to fail with grace and courage, and most of all, to be there for each other through thick and thin, as Zoë was there for us. 

It can be easy to lose perspective of WHY we play sports when we become consumed by the competition and pressure of tryouts, rankings, teams, playing time, national tournaments and recruiting, but my sincerest hope for our families is that when a lime green MAYHËM t-shirt crosses our path, we remember the message often posted at USA Field Hockey’s National Tournaments:  “These are kids; this is a game; coaches and officials are human; this not the Olympic games; safety and sportsmanship come first; good luck and HAVE FUN.”

My Sister’s Keeper events and clinics will be filled with high-level field player and goalkeeping instruction, but also fun, laughter, and camaraderie.  It will be a space to improve, learn, and grow, but also a time for us all to reflect on the purpose of why we play the game; a purpose Zoë never lost sight of.

Join us for our first opening My Sister’s Keeper clinic where we will play and grow in honor and remembrance of our dear Zoë.

Lime Green long-sleeve cotton “My Sister’s Keeper” t-shirts are available for sale for $35; email [email protected] to request a size! 

Credit is owed to a Mayhem U-19  athlete and former teammate of Zoe’s, LILY BOTTA,  for her beautiful green and yellow butterfly design signifying the eternal hope, life, and love Zoë had for her sport, and the Monarch butterfly mascot of her beloved alma mater, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School.