Mayhem Year-Around Travel Team Membership

Beginning June 2021, Mayhem will be offering a YEAR-AROUND travel team membership opportunity to returning athletes who have played at least one full travel team season with Mayhem prior to tryouts.  Acceptance of this invitation is reserved for athletes who are ready to commit to the Mayhem Field Hockey Club for the following fall outdoor, winter indoor, and spring outdoor travel team seasons.   These athletes do not need to attend Mayhem’s seasonal open tryouts and will receive additional membership perks described in detail HERE.

Athletes will still be able to commit to seasonal memberships, but with one new caveat there will be no longer be an independent tryout for participation in the Mayhem indoor travel team season, as slots will now be reserved strictly for fall travel team members.   Therefore, as a result of the June 2021 tryouts, athletes will be either offered either a 1) year-around membership invitation; 2) partial membership invitation that combines the fall outdoor and winter indoor season; or 3) a fall travel team invitation ONLY.   The next open tryout opportunity for new members will be in March 2022 for any remaining spots on our spring travel teams.

Not only will these new commitment structures give our families the opportunity to plan ahead, but it will allow the Club to run more efficiently and provide athletes with a greater sense of security in the Mayhem family, as well as the guaranteed opportunity to compete year-around.  The actual rosters in each of these seasons will be decided through an in-house Mayhem tournament played prior to the start of the season.   Though our goal is to increase the continuity and familiarity within the age groups year-around, rosters are still likely to vary between seasons because of the changes in roster size.  HOWEVER, our fall travel team age classifications will now FULLY reflect USFHA’s winter age classifications (i.e., your fall travel team age group must be the same as the one you qualify for for that winter season that year- so your age group will now remain the same from September through May, as determined by January 1st of the new year).


Age Classifications for September 2021 through May 2022

U-19: 18 or under as of 1/1/22

U-16: 15 or under as of 1/1/22

U-14: 13 or under as of 1/1/22

U-12: 11 or under as of 1/1/22

U-10: 9 or under as of 1/1/22

U-8: 7 or under as of 1/1/22