Mayhem Rising Indoor Skills Training Program

Indoor field hockey is a fast and furious way to improve your stick skills, quickness and decision-making ability during the off-season:  Click HERE to Watch an Indoor Game!  There is no better way to stay active during the winter and to keep your field hockey skills in-check by playing this exciting game of 5 v. 5 played on a basketball court lined by sideboards!

Training with “Mayhem Rising” is perfect for new and less experienced indoor players to hone the fundamentals. Over a series of several weekend training sessions, our RISING athletes will train and compete against each other internally in round-robin fashion. Their goal is to practice the skills necessary to compete on a travel team the following season season as well as bring their enhanced speed and stick work back to their school programs.
Training Dates:

Mayhem Rising: Grade School (3rd-5th)

Mayhem Rising: Middle School (6th-8th)- Session 1 @ 9AM

Mayhem Rising: Middle School (6th-8th)- Session 2 @ 10:30AM

Mayhem Rising High School (9th-12th)