Fall Youth League 2021

U-12 Schedule

September 19


1:00PM-Mayhem Blue vs. Horizon Orange

1:45PM-Horizon Orange vs. FSC

2:30PM-Mayhem White vs. FSC

3:15PM-Mayhem Purple vs. Mayhem Pink

4:00PM-Mayhem Purple vs. Horizon Blue

October 3rd

1:00PM-Mayhem Blue vs. FSC

1:45PM-Mayhem Blue vs. Mayhem Purple

2:30PM-Mayhem Pink vs. Horizon Blue

3:15PM-Mayhem White vs. Mayhem Pink

4:00PM-Mayhem White vs. Horizon Orange

October 17th

12:45PM-Mayhem Pink vs. Horizon Orange

1:30PM-Mayhem White vs. Mayhem Blue

2:15PM-Mayhem Blue vs. Horizon Blue

3:00PM-FSC vs. Horizon Blue

3:45PM-FSC vs. Mayhem Purple

October 31st

12:30PM-Mayhem White vs. Horizon Blue

1:15PM-Mayhem Purple vs. Horizon Orange

 2:00PM-Mayhem Pink vs. FSC



U-10 Schedule

September 19

4:45PM-FSC vs. Mayhem Yellow (Field 1)

4:45PM-House Team vs. Horizon Orange (Field 2)

5:05PM-Horizon Blue vs. Mayhem Black (Field 1)

October 3rd

4:45PM-FSC vs. Mayhem Black (Field 1)

4:45PM-Horizon Blue vs. House Team (Field 2)

5:05PM-Horizon Orange vs. Mayhem Yellow (Field 1)

October 17th

4:30PM-Mayhem Black vs. House Team (Field 1)

4:30PM-Horizon Orange vs. FSC (Field 2)

5:05PM-Mayhem Yellow vs. Horizon Blue (Field 1)

October 31st

2:45PM-Mayhem Black vs. Horizon Orange (Field 1)

2:45PM-FSC vs. Horizon Blue (Field 2)

3:20PM-House Team vs. Mayhem Yellow (Field 1)



University Fall YOUTH League Rules

  1. GAME
    1. U10 aged teams will play in a 6v6 format. U12 aged teams will play in a 7v7 format.
    2. For defending a penalty corner, the defending team may have no more than 4 players behind the goal/end line. This includes the GK, kicking back, and field players.
    3. For defending a penalty corner, the remainder of the players that are not behind the goal/end line must go to the top of the opposite circle
    1. Members of all teams must be in proper uniform including shirts or pinnies and socks of matching colors.
      1. It is recommended that you bring both colors to each game
    2. The team listed first on the schedule (home) will wear white or light color while the team listed second on the schedule (away) will wear dark.
    3. Jewelry can be worn at the player’s discretion.
    1. All equipment is required to be worn properly at all times while actively participating in game play
      1. Outdoor Stick
      2. Mouthguard
      3. Shin Guards
      4. Turf Shoes/Sneakers (Outdoor cleats are not permitted)
      5. Covid Face Mask
      6. No metal cage goggles are permitted. Sunglass style goggles are allowed to be worn 
  4. COVID Procedures
    1. Proper face mask/covering are REQUIRED for all players, coaches, and spectators.
      1. Vaccination status does not matter.
    1. Click HERE for 2019 USA Field Hockey Rules.
    1. Forfeits will be deemed if:
      • A team is unable to show up for the match
        • A 5-minute grace period is active. If a team shows up 5 minutes after the start of the game, it will be deemed a forfeit. The remainder of the game can be played, the score will remain unchanged.
      • Refusal to play
      • Unable to field enough players
      • Ineligible player or players enter the game
    2. 3-0 win will be given to the opposing team
    3. Please communicate all forfeits at least 24 hours in advance.