2024-2025 Winter Indoor Travel Teams




What is “Indoor” Field Hockey?

“Indoor Field Hockey” is the soccer-equivalent to futsal- it is the fast and furious (AND FUN!) version of field hockey complete with a different set of rules, a different playing-field surface, and different equipment.  Indoor field hockey is played on a friction-free gym floor between the months of November and March to develop the players’ skills in the off-season.  It is THE BEST way to increase the speed and quickness of stick skills and decision making, as the court is much smaller, faster, and there is a heavier reliance on ball-handling (and body control) where hitting the ball is prohibited.

Mayhem’s Indoor Field Hockey Programs

Mayhem offers three different kinds of Indoor Programs to suit the needs of ALL players’ age, skill, and commitment level:  full-season Showcase Travel Teams, “Home Team” Travel Teams (1/2 season), and the Mayhem Rising Skills training program.  Every athlete offered a spot in Mayhem’s Fall Outdoor Travel Team program will be given a spot in its Winter Indoor Travel Team program.  These athletes will again be evaluated once indoor practices begin in November in order to determine the specific team rosters either on a Showcase or a Home Team.  Athletes ONLY interested in participating in the Mayhem Rising Skills training program need not attend tryouts and may sign-up for the program in the fall by clicking HERE.

Learn More about the Dual-Season Membership.

ESTIMATED 2024-2025 PAYMENT SCHEDULE (Estimated Base Season $1200):

  • 5% Discount if Paid in full 48 hours after receiving June Tryout Results; OR
  • $300 Deposit due 48 hours after receiving June Tryout Results with balance due September 30th


  • Boot camp indoor skills-prep sessions throughout November
  • 2 Hour Weekly Team Practices
  • Participation in 5 local tournaments

Required Additional Costs:

  • USFHA Membership Fee
  • National Indoor Qualifying Tournament (U16s/U19s only- Approx. $150)
  • National Indoor Tournament Fee  (Approx. $225)
  • Custom Mayhem Indoor Gloves (Approx. $65)
  • Uniform and Team Gear (Approx. $150)
  • Main Line Goal Keeping Academy (GKs Only)
  • Indoor Stick (any)

Season Duration:  November 1, 2024 through March 3, 2025

Practice Facility:  Mayhem Athletic Center

Tryouts for Mayhem’s 2024-2025 Indoor Travel Team Program will take place the weekend of June 7-9. Fall and Winter teams are selected from the June 2024 tryout.  Contact [email protected] to learn about potential openings in the programs and/or to arrange a private evaluation.