Summer League Teams

7 v. 7 Summer League at Eastern University

Join a MAYHEM team this summer for league games on Monday and Wednesday nights at Eastern University, conveniently located in Wayne!  Spots on our teams are reserved for current Mayhem players or those who are strongly considering joining Mayhem this fall.   We will only be submitting one team per division and filling them on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay!  Games are 50 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Field Location & Directions


The Mayhem’s Adult team is giving our players the opportunity to turn the tables!  Any Mayhem middle school or JV team athlete who stays to watch the coaches play is invited to join the coaches’ huddle during half-time to address any coach, individually, re the things she needs to improve on for the second half.   We encourage players to bring a pen and paper and to keep track of their honest and ruthless feedback:  we want to hear how you analyze the game and present your “half-time speech” in a concise and informative manner…. so BRING IT ON!


Mayhem Team Divisions

Middle School Division

  1. Gia Deligatti
  2. Sophia Amos
  3. Mary Kate Ardizzi
  4. Carolina Riley
  5. Nina Scott
  6. Victoria Arra
  7. Sammy Saxon
  8. Maggie Carson
  9. Lily Wolfe
  10. Hailey Gomez
  11. Kendal Williams
  12. Katie Shapiro
  13. Minna Gersbach (GK)
  14. Olivia Warchol (GK)



High School JV Division

  1. Brigid Lowry
  2. Gen Mehra
  3. Maggie Powers
  4. Olivia De Cain
  5. Janie Hoysgaard
  6. Barb Civitella
  7. Morgan Devine
  8. Jazzy Knight
  9. Annie Hirshman
  10. Grace King
  11. Hannah Havrilla
  12. Erin Stadnicki
  13. Sydney White
  14. Meg O’Meara (GK)



Adult Division

  1. Alex McMahan
  2. Meg Githens
  3. Jill Meyers
  4. Morgan Paese
  5. Ainslie Rhoads
  6. Therese Doyle
  7. Lauren Hibshman
  8. Shannon McNeil
  9. Molly Mcshea
  10. Katie Briglia
  11. Ally Fuller
  12. Liz McCormick
  13. Nicole Gerdes
  14. Katie Gerzabek
  15. Whin Whinner