Fall 2023 Travel Team Clinics



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Fall 2023 Travel Team Clinics


Tuesdays 5:30-6:45PM– U10
Wednesdays 5:30-6:45PM– U12
Wednesdays 6:45-8PM– U14/U16
Wednesdays 8-9:15PM– U16/U19

Tuesday’s (9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24)
Wednesday’s (9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25)

Location: MAC
6 Week Package Price: $225
Individual night: $38 per athlete

Skill of the Day:

Week 1:  Shooting Clinic

Week 2:  Passing & Receiving

Week 3:  Decision Making & Defense

Week 4: Shooting Clinic

Week 5:  Passing & Receiving

Week 6: Decision Making & Defense

Nightly Format:
:5- Warm-up
:10m- Stick Work Cram
:55m- Topic of the Day
:5m-  Game Play
These clinics are exclusive for MAYHEM Club Fall 2023 athletes only. Very LIMITED! Secure your spot quickly. 

Additional information

Fall2023 travel clinics

U10, U12, U14, U16 (6:45-8pm), U16 (8-9:15pm), U19, U10 Goalies, U12 Goalies, U14/16 Goalies from 6:45-8pm, U16/19 Goalies from 8-9:15pm, 9/19 for U10, 9/20 for U12, 9/20 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 9/20 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 9/20 for U19 from 8-9:15pm, 9/26 for U10, 9/27 for U12, 9/27 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 9/27 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 9/27 for U19 from 8-9:15pm, 10/3 for U10, 10/4 for U12, 10/4 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 10/4 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 10/4 for U19 from 8-9:15pm, 10/10 for U10, 10/11 for U12, 10/11 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 10/11 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 10/11 for U19 from 8-9:15pm, 10/17 for U10, 10/18 for U12, 10/18 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 10/18 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 10/18 for U19 from 8-9:15pm, 10/24 for U10, 10/25 for U12, 10/25 for U16 from 6:45-8pm, 10/25 for U16 from 8-9:15pm, 10/25 for U19 from 8-9:15pm